Welcome to the Quantum Coherent Electronics (QCE) group at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Our research aims to advance the state of the art in superconducting quantum computing, microwave quantum optics, and quantum metamaterials, in collaboration with colleagues at MIT Lincoln Laboratory, MIT campus, and throughout the community.


Joining QCE

We plan for several new enthusiastic, talented, and curious students or postdocs to join the group this year. Please email Professor O'Brien with your CV and a brief description of your research interests.

Advising Statement

I consider the training of students and postdocs to perform high-impact research in academia or industry to be our highest priority as faculty. We aim to foster an open, diverse, and inclusive environment in our group, Quantum Coherent Electronics (QCE). We have weekly group meetings, and my door is almost always open for any questions or discussions. Collaboration is strongly encouraged: we do not have a hierarchy or reporting structure, and each member is expected to lead a project of their own. One of the most important aspects of research is choosing the right problems to solve. When starting in the group, we may give initial project suggestions, but the goal is for group members to develop ideas and learn the process for developing ideas to solve important problems in quantum computing and quantum devices.